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Study ID Status Title Patient Level Data
100401 Completed A Multicenter, Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Parallel Group Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Intravenous Ondansetron Hydrochloride with Intravenous Dexamethasone Versus Intravenous Ondansetron Hydrochloride for the Prevention of Post-Operative Nausea and Vomiting in Fe ...
100406/004 Completed A phase III, double-blinded, randomized, multicenter, clinical study to assess the safety and immunogenicity of GSK Biologicals' Tdap 0.3 mg candidate vaccine when given as a booster dose to healthy school children and adolescents (9-13 years of age), previously vaccinated with a 5th consecutive dose of acellular pertussis-containing vaccine, in studies APV-118 or APV-120 Study Listed on
100414 Completed An Open-label, Phase II, Multicenter Study of Intravenous Weekly Topotecan in Subjects with Recurrent or Persistent Endometrial Cancer
100419 Completed A Randomized, Double Blind, Active-Controlled Multicenter Clinical Trial To Evaluate The Anti-Emetic Prophylactic Efficacy Of Ondansetron On Post-Operative Nausea And Vomiting In Patients With Intravenous Patient Controlled Analgesia
100420 Completed A 24-week open study to investigate the effectiveness, tolerability and efficacy to reach HbA1c-goals of a new oral antidiabetic drug (Avandamet) in patients with type 2 diabetes with inadequate glycemic control under metformin monotherapy
100448 Completed Long-Term Follow Up Study at Years 16-20, to Evaluate the Persistence of Immune Response of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals' Hepatitis B Vaccine in Newborns of HBeAg+ and HBsAg+ Mothers Study Listed on
100449 Completed Long-term Follow-Up studies at Years 16-20, to evaluate the persistence of immune response of GSK Biologicals’ hepatitis B vaccine in newborns of HBeAg+ and HBsAg+ mothers in comparison with a historical control group Study Listed on
100450 Completed Comparative study of the immunogenicity and protective efficacy of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals’ rec-DNA hepatitis B vaccine with or without hepatitis B immunoglobulins (HBIg) in newborns of HBeAg+ mothers. Study Listed on
100456 Completed Pilot study: A Single-Centre, Randomised, Open-Label, Cross Over Trial, Assessing Ease of use, Correctness of use and Patient Preference of Seretide (Salmeterol Xinafoate/Fluticasone Propionate Combination) via the Diskus versus Seretide via the Metered Dose Inhaler in Subjects at Least 55 Years ...
100468 Completed An open-label extension to study AVA100193, to assess the long-term safety and efficacy of rosiglitazone (extended release tablets) in subjects with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease Study Listed on
100470 Completed A multicentre, randomised, double-blind, parallel group, 24 week study to compare the effect of salmeterol/fluticasone propionate combination product 50/250mcg, with salmeterol 50mcg both delivered twice daily via DISKUS®/ACCUHALER® inhaler on lung function and dyspnoea in subjects with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Study Listed on
100478 Completed Study to show non-inferiority of Tritanrix™-HepB/Hib-MenAC (+/- hepatitis B vaccine at birth) versus Tritanrix™-HepB/Hiberix™ without hepatitis B vacc. at birth for antibody response to all vaccine antigens given in healthy infants Study Listed on
100480 Completed Study to show lot-to-lot consistency of Hib-MenAC mixed with Tritanrix™-HBV, its non-inferiority to Tritanrix™-HBV/Hiberix™ with or without Meningitec™, and MenA response in 2, 4, 6 month infants with hepatitis B birth dose Study Listed on
100480, 759346/004 & 100791 Completed Study to assess immunogenicity and non-inferiority of investigational vaccination regimen as compared to Tritanrix-HepB/Hiberix and as compared to Meningitec when administered to healthy infants Study Listed on
100484 Completed An open prospective study of immunogenicity and reactogenicity of DTPa vaccine (Infanrix) given as a booster to healthy school children 10 to 12 years of age
100539 Completed A double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-dummy, four-way cross-over study to evaluate the bronchodilatory effect of single doses of tiotropium bromide [18 mg administered via dry-powder inhaler (DPI)] and salmeterol (50 or 100 mg via DPI) in patients with…
100540 Completed A multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, parallel group study to investigate the efficacy and safety of the Salmeterol/fluticasone propionate combination at a strength of 50/500µg BD, compared with placebo via Accuhaler, added to usual COPD therapy, in subjects with COPD for 24 weeks
100551 (EXT Y11) Completed A double blind randomised, comparative study of the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of three different lots of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals’ combined hepatitis A - hepatitis B vaccine when administered in healthy adults Study Listed on
100556 (Y11) Completed Long-Term Persistence Follow-up Study to Evaluate the Immune Persistence of GSK Biologicals' Combined Hepatitis A / Hepatitis B Vaccine in Healthy Adult Volunteers Study Listed on
100565 Completed An open study to evaluate the immunogenicity, safety and reactogenicity of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals' commercially available combined hepatitis A / hepatitis B vaccine (TWINRIX ADULT) containing 720 ELISA units of hepatitis A antigen and 20 µg of hepatitis B surface antigen, administered following a two-dose (0, 6 months) schedule in healthy children between the ages of 1 and 11 years Study Listed on
100566 Completed Evaluate Persistence of Immune Response of GSK Biologicals’ TWINRIX™ Vaccine Administered According to 0,6 Month Schedule Versus TWINRIX™ JUNIOR Administered According to 0,1,6 Month Schedule, in Subjects Aged 12-15 years at Time of First Vaccine Dose Study Listed on
100571 (M138) Completed Double-blind randomized study to evaluate the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of two different lots of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals' inactivated hepatitis A vaccine containing 1440 EL.U of antigen per mL and injected according to a 0, 12 month schedule in healthy adult volunteers Study Listed on
100576 (Y11) Completed Double-blind, randomized study to evaluate the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of three different lots of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals' inactivated hepatitis A vaccine containing 1440 EL.U of antigen per mL and injected according to a 0, 6 month schedule in healthy adult subjects Study Listed on
100601 Completed LPL100601, A Clinical Outcomes Study of Darapladib versus Placebo in Subjects with Chronic Coronary Heart Disease to Compare the Incidence of Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events (MACE) Study Listed on
100614 Completed SUccessful Control and Clinical Effectiveness of SERETIDE study in aSthma, a randomised controlled study to investigate the clinical effectiveness and health outcome of SERETIDE in patients with moderate and severe persistent asthma in Korea



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